March 25th, 2015
The WCCTC Conference Race: The longest, but most beautiful, race of the year!

Conference 2015 (Race Report 2)

by Rachel Marty


On Saturday morning, the day before the race, Clare arrived at my house around 6:30am with her little silver Volkswagen. Over the next hour, we managed to fit Sinead, Vivien, Clare, me, Sinead’s bike, Clare’s bike, all of our camping gear, and bags into and onto Clare’s car. After we conquered set up of the bike rack (on the fourth try), we knew nothing would stop us.  During the drive, we alternated between admiring the ocean view and laughing about the age discrepancies of memories associated with old music. We got to SLO around 1:00pm, picked up our race packets and then started setting up camp. Once more people had arrived, we assembled our bikes and rode for about half an hour to acclimate to the course. The whole time, I was in awe of the beauty surrounding us. Naturally, we had to get off our bikes to take a selfie with some of the horses. I mean, who can pass up on opportunity like that???

March 25th, 2015
WCCTC Championships

Conference 2015 (Race Report 1)
by Charlie Chen


The March Triathlon Series serves as the conference championships of the stacked West Coast Collegiate Triathlon Conference (WCCTC). Being the first race since UC Irvine and the first Olympic distance race for many, the team dealt with mixed emotions, ranging from the excitement to anxiety. However, the combination of a large, competitive field and the championship race environment ultimately fueled the team’s desire to tow the starting line.

February 17th, 2015
UCI Zot Trot 2015 (My First Triathlon Ever)

UCI Zot Trot 2015 (Race Report 2)
by Jorge Palacios Jr.


A week before the day of the race, it finally hit me… I was going to participate in what would be my first race as a UCSD Triathlete. Throughout

that entire week, I couldn’t stop thinking about what would happen that upcoming Sunday, on race day. Whenever I thought about it, whether it be during class, at home or when I was out for a workout, I always got a little freaked out. I’m usually able to calm down my nerves, since I was a Cross Country/Track & Field runner back in high school for three years, but this time it was different.

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