May 6th, 2015
Wildflower Olympic Distance

Wildflower (Olympic) Race Report
by Melissa Le Roux


Wildflower is the team’s last major race of the season, but it happened to be my first Olympic distance triathlon. The week before the race I was completely torn whether or not to compete. On the one hand, it was my last chance this season to race with the team, but on the other hand, I had only been back to light training for a month after being on crutches for 6 weeks! I was very nervous that I would not be able to finish, but after going back and forth on the decision, Coach Kim convinced me two days prior to the race that I would be fine.

May 6th, 2015
When nostalgia and rookie mistakes collide

Wildflower (Long Course) Race Report
by Kerri Seger


Third WF long course. Fifth half ironman distance. I should have this thing down pat by now, right? Riiiiight. On Friday morning Yuann and Chris picked me up, and after looping around a tractor-trailor turned inside out on the highway, we grabbed Boone Horse from his parents’ place and got to Lake San Antonio relatively early. TriBike Transport wasn’t too hard to find, and I was off to set up transition. Here I was thinking that leaving my bag half-packed from Nationals would prevent forgetting things. Important things. Like pedals. Nope. A quick sprint up the stairs later to find a vendor selling Speedplay 5s returned no luck. As chance would have it, though, the guys at Dimond Bikes are friends with someone I swam with in high school. They lent me one of the sets off their personal bikes – the same pedals Brian used when he forgot his at an IM! #smallworld #swimmerproblems Spoiler alert: not all Speedplays are created equal.

May 4th, 2015
BWR: “Twisted, perhaps, but definitely demented”

140 Miles, 11,000+ ft. of Climbing, 30 Miles of Dirt
by Sage Aronson


In February, I get a text from my friend, “Hey do you want to do the Belgian Waffle Ride with me?” I do love waffles and can’t think of anything better than being on the bike. But it was $100… “You get a beer if you finish.” I was sold.

I knew it was a long ride with some dirt sections – but the official course wasn’t posted so I didn’t give it much thought. Prior to the race, Michael Marckx, the President of our generous sponsor, Spy Optics, sent a series of twenty “communiques” outlining and hyping up particular sections of the race in reverse order. Unlike other races where the tendency is to downplay the difficulty of the course to encourage beginners, the purpose of this was exactly the opposite. Here’s a taste:

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