February 17th, 2015
UCI Zot Trot 2015 (My First Triathlon Ever)

By Jorge Palacios Jr.


A week before the day of the race, it finally hit me… I was going to participate in what would be my first race as a UCSD Triathlete. Throughout

that entire week, I couldn’t stop thinking about what would happen that upcoming Sunday, on race day. Whenever I thought about it, whether it be during class, at home or when I was out for a workout, I always got a little freaked out. I’m usually able to calm down my nerves, since I was a Cross Country/Track & Field runner back in high school for three years, but this time it was different.

February 17th, 2015
The Zot Trot

By Vivien Tran


Soo… UC Irvine’s Zot Trot was my first triathlon, and boy was I super nervous. I met Alex at her house with 2 over-packed bags my bike, and a sleeping bag. We drove up together listening to Jack Johnson, discussing traffic, and avoiding the pink whale that everyone probably saw. We had a hearty lunch at Kaitlyn’s house with DIY paninis, and went to the pre-race ride and workout with the team. I got quite nervous after seeing the bike course, and being an inexperienced cyclist I wasn’t too comfortable with all the U-turns and turns. I’m pretty sure the race directors choose the hilliest and sunniest part of Irvine for the course on purpose.

November 12th, 2014
UCLA Day 2: The IronBruin Classic

By Cameron Martino


Here it is on Monday, one day removed from Race Day. I will separate this review into four parts:

1) Logistics and Lodging
2) The Swim
3) The Bike
4) The Run

1) Logistics and Lodging:
The whole tri-team should give Dad & Haley a big thank you for putting in some serious work to make sure everyone got to UCLA and had a place to stay, as well as other fatherly duties like making sure we knew where to pick up our packets. It made the whole race easier for everyone else. I drove myself from UCSD and it took about 2 hours as I talked to myself about terrible drivers on the road. When I got to UCLA parking came pretty easily. I parked in parking lot 11, which was right next to the swim so if you’re looking for parking next year it was a pretty sweet spot. The packet pickup and registration were both very smoothly run and well organized and this trend continued for the whole race. I have to hand it to UCLA triathlon, for being in a very densely populated area they managed to hold a very organized and easy to attend race. They also did a great job marking and keeping the course clear. I didn’t use the first aid or the ambulance this time but they seemed nice as well, some of them were even cheering us on (until they were busy).

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