February 10th, 2014

UCI Zot Trot 2014

Dave coming out of T1

Dave coming out of T1

10 Lessons from a Newbie Triathlete: The UC Irvine Zot Trot

By Hannah Heimer

The first official race of the 2014 season was a complete success! Well, I’m a newbie, so what do I know? But if success equates to a well-organized and enjoyable challenge, then a success is what it was. Throughout the entire weekend I learned a lot more about this crazy sport. The first lesson I learned was on Saturday, in the beginning leg of our journey as we prepared for the short drive up to Irvine. Lesson one: you can fit more in a car than you ever thought imaginable. One tiny car managed to fit three bikes and three passengers, with the bikes taking up the majority of the space. Read more »

February 3rd, 2014

Meet the Team: Bryce Zaffarano

Bryce finishing the run at 2013 Nationals in hot Tempe, AZ.  Photo credit: Craig Ricker

Bryce finishing the run at 2013 Nationals in hot Tempe, AZ. Photo credit: Craig Ricker

What is your major, and what do you want to do with it?

I’m a graduating senior in the Human Biology program. With this I want to become a physical therapist, ideally involved in neuro-rehabilitation of athletes. Read more »

February 2nd, 2014

February 2014 TCSD Duathlon

Daniel suffering to the win.

By Craig Ricker

The duathlon started with some confusion… TCSD had advertised two different starting times; 7:30 as well as 8:30.  To attempt to deal with these, they averaged out the difference and sent out all the athletes who were present at 8:00.  My car arrived at 8:05 knowing none of this, seeing how empty transition was we believed everyone was warming up.  We slowly went about our business of setting up our transition spot, and getting ready for the race.  An official announced “One more minute until we start!”. Read more »

January 20th, 2014

Meet the Team: Joanna Coker

Joanna riding hard at Nationals 2013

Joanna riding hard at Nationals 2013

What is your major and what do you hope to do with it?

I am a human biology major with minors in chemistry and sociocultural anthropology. Among many other things, I want to go through a combined MD/PhD program and ultimately become a forensic pathologist. Read more »

December 9th, 2013

Meet the Team: David Berry

David Barnes and Nobles exiting the water at UCSD's Tritonman

David Barnes and Nobles exiting the water at UCSD’s Tritonman

What is your research all about?

I’m a second year graduate student in UCSD’s Bioengineering program, and I mainly work in an orthopedics lab. The three-word answer is: “lower back pain”. Specifically, I use novel MRI techniques to study kinematic and biomechanical changes that occur in the lumbar spine in active duty Marines with varying levels of pathology. I am also working on a method using high strength MRI to make non-invasive measurements of muscle physiology.

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December 2nd, 2013

Meet the Team: Jennifer Kaehms

What is your major, and what do you want to do?

Getting ready to swim at 2013 Conference

Getting ready to swim at 2013 Conference

My major is bioengineering with a minor in Global Health. Right now I really enjoy being a bioengineering student, triathlete, and a resident advisor. In the future I am looking to combine my experience as an engineering and global health student and work for a successful company that has a healthy contribution to society. In more specific terms I am looking to help create everyday devices that people can use to help themselves live healthy, active lifestyles. Read more »

November 26th, 2013

2013 Bike Camp by Joey Clingerman

By Joey Clingerman

Enjoying the campfire with my P-Bro's

Enjoying the campfire with my P-Bro’s

Bike camp 2013 sophomore edition was a much easier transition into the Triathlon team than the first time. This time last year, I didn’t know my P-bros in the FFF, I didn’t know Sergio or Chris, I didn’t know Bill, and I sure wasn’t introduced to Montezuma yet.

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November 22nd, 2013

Meet the Team: Matt Siegfried

Where did you grow up/what was your athletic background?

Matt finishing IronMan Wisconsin

Matt finishing IronMan Wisconsin

Well I’m old, so this will be long.

I grew up in the northern suburbs of Chicago. In 7th grade gym class, I finished 2nd place in the mile (lost to a soccer player, who ran in the low 6s). My gym teacher suggested I should hop in the junior high race (2 mile) at the next home meet for the high school cross-country team. I resisted. Again in 8th grade, she suggested I run in the junior high race. Again, I resisted. Read more »

September 30th, 2013

The 2013-14 Season is Starting Soon!

The kick-off meeting for the 2013-14 season is Thursday, October 3rd, 7:30PM in the Dugout room at RIMAC Annex (under Peet’s coffee). Come learn what the UCSD Triathlon team is all about! We will talk about schedules, expectations, and anything else you might want to know about the upcoming season.

The first official practice will be Monday, October 7th, 5PM at Spanos Track.

The first race of the season will be our own Coveskipper Aquathlon and 5K, Sunday, October 27th 10AM at La Jolla Shores beach.

September 10th, 2013

All these people are awesome. Oh, and a race happened. — Big Kahuna 2013

by Daniel Heineck


Long drive up Friday night, amazingly fun Saturday with totally, absolutely, wonderful people, a race broke out early Sunday morning where Jeff Dahlen and I won the aquathon and half-ironman events, respectively.  Along with a gaggle of UCSD tri-club friends who mounted one of the best cheering repertoires I’ve seen (much less been on the receiving end of), Read more »