April 13th, 2014

Collegiate Nationals 2014 – Classic

2014 Collegiate
Triathlon Nationals -Bill Jones

Bill and Dan

duckDay 1, The Day before the Race: Good Sensations Read more »

April 9th, 2014

Collegiate Nationals 2014 – Draft Legal


Gina getting ready to rock the swim!

Gina getting ready to rock the swim!

By Gina Horath
If you had asked me a few months ago if I was thinking of doing the draft legal race at collegiate nationals I would have told you a flat out no. Heck, if you had asked me 1 week before the race I still would have told you no. I wanted to focus and put all my energy into the Olympic distance race, hoping for a top 10 finish. Plus I was definitely planning on doing our team relay Saturday afternoon… which would mean 3 races?? That’s just crazy. But even with these thoughts, a part of me absolutely LOVES draft-legal racing It is such an exciting type of racing; you’re going head to head with your competition the entire time, and it takes skill in all 3 sports to have a shot at doing well. So in the days leading up to the race I kept going back and forth, thinking I would have regrets not racing. It was this slight indecision that ultimately got me roped into racing DL—which I have Coach Chris Burnham to blame (or thank).
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March 26th, 2014

WCCTC Conference 2014

You will never be this cool.  Unless you're Ethan

You will never be this cool. Unless you’re Ethan

By Ethan Veitch

Like all of our triathlon races, Cal Poly: SLO’s March Triathlon Series (MTS) began long before the sun rose. While the rest of the team spent the night becoming acquainted with the outdoors, I cheated and slept in a warm bed in nearby Santa Maria. The drawback was that I had a 40 minute car ride to the race course and had to pick up my packet race morning. Unlike many other collegiate triathlons, MTS is far away from civilization. This fact is more apparent before the sun rises as the only illumination comes from the headlights of cars. By the time I parked and made the long walk to transition (a preview for the start and end of the run course) it was almost 6:30am. After the shortest packet pickup ever, I headed over to transition Read more »

March 5th, 2014

UCLA Ironbruin 2014

A Storm Is Coming – By Kent Turbo

Esther Walker contemplates her 2nd place finsih at UCLA 2014

Esther Walker contemplates her 2nd place finsih at UCLA 2014

Hearing these words on the news Thursday was dreadful. I had heard the UCLA bike course was adequately hilly, technical and bike crashes were common, and now I had to worry about the rain! With cycling being my weakest leg in the sport of triathlon, I was very worried. Plus, I was assigned to stay at a house filled with graduate students, and being merely a freshman, I felt that I was going to be a bit out of place… Read more »

March 3rd, 2014

Tritonman Classic 2014: Dad’s Tale

By Jason Stofleth (Dad)

Joey and Dan ready for the swim!

Joey and Dan ready for the swim!

The 8th annual Tritonman, presented by Spy Optic, kicked off this weekend with the shrill ringing of my alarm clock at 3 am on Saturday.  After a few strong cups of coffee, I was coherent enough to grumpily grab my headlamp light, and carpool down to Mission Bay in the dark with Kent Kubo and his bike in tow. Once there, I immediately headed over to the truck to lend a hand with setup and to help the race director, Dave Berry keep things on the rails.  A snag in the operability of our generator forced us to inflate the swim course buoys with hand-pumps, and left us with only megaphone rather than a P.A. system to direct volunteers and racers. Read more »

March 3rd, 2014

Tritonman Draft Legal 2014

Kaitlyn running hard through transition Tritonman DL 2014

Kaitlyn running hard through transition Tritonman DL 2014

By Kaitlyn Van Fancy Name

This is me:

  • Freshman undergrad
  • 1st year on the triathlon team
  • Completed only 1 triathlon ever in my life
  • No clip-ins

My thoughts when I discovered I would be one of the few selected to Tritonman Draft Legal:

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February 20th, 2014

Meet the Team: Gina Horath!

Ginna running hard out of the water at Tritonman 2013!

Ginna running hard out of the water at Tritonman 2013!

What is your major/what do you want to do?

I studied human biology and eventually I want to go to graduate school probably to study either nutrition, or nursing— something in the health field.

Where did you grow up/what was your athletic background?

I was lucky enough grew up in the best town in the world, Santa Cruz. (#SorryNotSorry). There really is no place like it. It has mountains, forests, beaches, waves, and my whole huge family — what more could I ask for? Read more »

February 10th, 2014

UCI Zot Trot 2014

Dave coming out of T1

Dave coming out of T1

10 Lessons from a Newbie Triathlete: The UC Irvine Zot Trot

By Hannah Heimer

The first official race of the 2014 season was a complete success! Well, I’m a newbie, so what do I know? But if success equates to a well-organized and enjoyable challenge, then a success is what it was. Throughout the entire weekend I learned a lot more about this crazy sport. The first lesson I learned was on Saturday, in the beginning leg of our journey as we prepared for the short drive up to Irvine. Lesson one: you can fit more in a car than you ever thought imaginable. One tiny car managed to fit three bikes and three passengers, with the bikes taking up the majority of the space. Read more »

February 3rd, 2014

Meet the Team: Bryce Zaffarano

Bryce finishing the run at 2013 Nationals in hot Tempe, AZ.  Photo credit: Craig Ricker

Bryce finishing the run at 2013 Nationals in hot Tempe, AZ. Photo credit: Craig Ricker

What is your major, and what do you want to do with it?

I’m a graduating senior in the Human Biology program. With this I want to become a physical therapist, ideally involved in neuro-rehabilitation of athletes. Read more »

February 2nd, 2014

February 2014 TCSD Duathlon

Daniel suffering to the win.

By Craig Ricker

The duathlon started with some confusion… TCSD had advertised two different starting times; 7:30 as well as 8:30.  To attempt to deal with these, they averaged out the difference and sent out all the athletes who were present at 8:00.  My car arrived at 8:05 knowing none of this, seeing how empty transition was we believed everyone was warming up.  We slowly went about our business of setting up our transition spot, and getting ready for the race.  An official announced “One more minute until we start!”. Read more »