October 1st, 2016
Meet the Team: Jason Stofleth

Jason putting out too many watts for his own good.

Jason putting out too many watts for his own good.

Hope everyone’s enjoying their last day of summer!¬†Jason Stofleth¬†(also known as “Dad”) is today’s addition to the Meet the Officers series!

1. Officer Position: Treasurer

2. Year: PhD Candidate

3. Major/Minor: Structural Biology and Biophysics

4. College: N/A

5. Athletic Background: Running, basketball, and a little swimming

6. Why You Joined Tri: I was strongly encouraged by a friend.

7. Favorite Tri Experience: During my first season I did Wildflower Long Course on a whim. It was so challenging and fun to share the misery with friends. Plus I got to kick back (plus sleep in) and watch the team do the olympic race on Sunday. You can read about it here:http://ucsdtriathlon.org/wildflower-2014-long-course/

8. Advice for New-Comers: You should give it a try, it’s a very rewarding challenge to complete you first triathlon.

9. Fun Fact: Once upon a time, I was an active duty Marine.