October 1st, 2016
Meet the Team: Katie Hosch

Katie before racing Tritonman

Katie before racing Tritonman

Today’s entry in the Meet the Officers series is our very own president, Katie Hosch!

1. Officer Position: President, Race Director

2. Year: Junior

3. College: Eleanor Roosevelt College

4. Athletic Background: Gymnast for 10 years, runner and swimmer entire life.

5. Why You Joined Tri: I joined because it made sense to combine my love for swimming and running and I wanted to be a part of a team.

6. Favorite Tri Experience: Bike Camp for sure, it was amazing camping with everyone and getting to know people on a level while riding super long!

7. Advice for New-Comers: Its a great team, a great time, and a great way to stay in shape, and you’ll get to impress all your friends.

8. Fun Fact: I have a puppy named Kosmic, and I HATE eggs.