May 4th, 2015

BWR: “Twisted, perhaps, but definitely demented”

140 Miles, 11,000+ ft. of Climbing, 30 Miles of Dirt

by Sage Aronson


In February, I get a text from my friend, “Hey do you want to do the Belgian Waffle Ride with me?” I do love waffles and can’t think of anything better than being on the bike. But it was $100… “You get a beer if you finish.” I was sold.

I knew it was a long ride with some dirt sections – but the official course wasn’t posted so I didn’t give it much thought. Prior to the race, Michael Marckx, the President of our generous sponsor, Spy Optics, sent a series of twenty “communiques” outlining and hyping up particular sections of the race in reverse order. Unlike other races where the tendency is to downplay the difficulty of the course to encourage beginners, the purpose of this was exactly the opposite. Here’s a taste: Read more »

April 30th, 2015

Collegiate Triathlon Nationals in Clemson, SC

by Jason “Dad” Stofleth


The week of this season’s most competitive race had arrived. As I scrambled to help send out emails, pay for cabin reservations, check flight times, read through a team itinerary about 80 times, prep my bike to ship to the race, continue training, show data to my research advisor and discuss work on my project for my upcoming qualifying exam, get a TA to cover my classes for the week, call in a favor from a friend to proctor an exam for me, and packed my bags with gear and clothing; I had no time to be nervous about the race. Maybe this was for the best. Such is life as a grad student triathlete. Read more »

April 30th, 2015

Collegiate Club Nationals, Olympic Distance, Clemson, SC

by Lilly McCormick


Some of the women’s team preparing for the swim!

Some of the women’s team preparing for the swim!

Sometimes it seems harsh that the hours and hours of training and effort put in all year are tested in one short time, on one day, and in whatever conditions that may be present, but that is the nature of the sport, and can be considered part of the challenge. This year’s collegiate national nationals was a true example of this aspect of triathlon… Read more »

April 28th, 2015

Nationals 2015 – Women’s Draft Legal Race Report

by Clare LeGuyader

My journey to the DL race at Nationals started a few months ago when Esther cornered me in the locker room after a swim: “Has [Coach] Kim or Jason talked to you about Draft Legal for Nationals?” Me, blank face: “What are you talking about.”

After some gentle persuading by all three of those people, I verbally committed to the race, thinking that obviously this was just a safety net. After all, this is my first season competitively racing triathlons. I’ve been riding a bike less than a year, running when I have to, but swimming my whole life (in a previous life I was distance swimmer at The College of William and Mary). In fact, this season started out spectacularly at Bike Camp in Anza Borrego where I crashed on my first “long” ride (it was less than 35 miles). Read more »

March 25th, 2015

The WCCTC Conference Race: The longest, but most beautiful, race of the year!

Conference 2015 (Race Report 2)

by Rachel Marty


Ethan, Kent, and Rachel taking a break to pose for a selfie with the beautiful horses!

Ethan, Kent, and Rachel taking a break to pose for a selfie with the beautiful horses!

On Saturday morning, the day before the race, Clare arrived at my house around 6:30am with her little silver Volkswagen. Over the next hour, we managed to fit Sinead, Vivien, Clare, me, Sinead’s bike, Clare’s bike, all of our camping gear, and bags into and onto Clare’s car. After we conquered set up of the bike rack (on the fourth try), we knew nothing would stop us.  During the drive, we alternated between admiring the ocean view and laughing about the age discrepancies of memories associated with old music. We got to SLO around 1:00pm, picked up our race packets and then started setting up camp. Once more people had arrived, we assembled our bikes and rode for about half an hour to acclimate to the course. The whole time, I was in awe of the beauty surrounding us. Naturally, we had to get off our bikes to take a selfie with some of the horses. I mean, who can pass up on opportunity like that??? Read more »

March 25th, 2015

WCCTC Championships

Conference 2015 (Race Report 1)

by Charlie Chen


The March Triathlon Series serves as the conference championships of the stacked West Coast Collegiate Triathlon Conference (WCCTC). Being the first race since UC Irvine and the first Olympic distance race for many, the team dealt with mixed emotions, ranging from the excitement to anxiety. However, the combination of a large, competitive field and the championship race environment ultimately fueled the team’s desire to tow the starting line.
Read more »

February 17th, 2015

UCI Zot Trot 2015 (My First Triathlon Ever)

UCI Zot Trot 2015 (Race Report 2)

by Jorge Palacios Jr.


A week before the day of the race, it finally hit me… I was going to participate in what would be my first race as a UCSD Triathlete. Throughout

Jorge pushing through the final stretch of the run!

Jorge pushing through the final stretch!

that entire week, I couldn’t stop thinking about what would happen that upcoming Sunday, on race day. Whenever I thought about it, whether it be during class, at home or when I was out for a workout, I always got a little freaked out. I’m usually able to calm down my nerves, since I was a Cross Country/Track & Field runner back in high school for three years, but this time it was different. Read more »

February 17th, 2015

The Zot Trot

UCI Zot Trot 2015 (Race Report 1)

by Vivien Tran


Soo… UC Irvine’s Zot Trot was my first triathlon, and boy was I super nervous. I met Alex at her house with 2 over-packed bags my bike, and a sleeping bag. We drove up together listening to Jack Johnson, discussing traffic, and avoiding the pink whale that everyone probably saw. We had a hearty lunch at Kaitlyn’s house with DIY paninis, and went to the pre-race ride and workout with the team. I got quite nervous after seeing the bike course, and being an inexperienced cyclist I wasn’t too comfortable with all the U-turns and turns. I’m pretty sure the race directors choose the hilliest and sunniest part of Irvine for the course on purpose. Read more »

November 12th, 2014

UCLA Day 2: The IronBruin Classic

IronBruin Classic 2015

by Cameron Martino


Here it is on Monday, one day removed from Race Day. I will separate this review into four parts:

Cameron hammering his way through the UCLA campus. (Photo by California Triathlon)

Cameron hammering his way through the UCLA campus. (Photo by California Triathlon)

1) Logistics and Lodging
2) The Swim
3) The Bike
4) The Run

1) Logistics and Lodging:
The whole tri-team should give Dad & Haley a big thank you for putting in some serious work to make sure everyone got to UCLA and had a place to stay, as well as other fatherly duties like making sure we knew where to pick up our packets. It made the whole race easier for everyone else. I drove myself from UCSD and it took about 2 hours as I talked to myself about terrible drivers on the road. When I got to UCLA parking came pretty easily. I parked in parking lot 11, which was right next to the swim so if you’re looking for parking next year it was a pretty sweet spot. The packet pickup and registration were both very smoothly run and well organized and this trend continued for the whole race. I have to hand it to UCLA triathlon, for being in a very densely populated area they managed to hold a very organized and easy to attend race. They also did a great job marking and keeping the course clear. I didn’t use the first aid or the ambulance this time but they seemed nice as well, some of them were even cheering us on (until they were busy). Read more »

November 12th, 2014

UCLA Day 1: IronBruin. Draft legal? In November?

IronBruin Draft-legal 2015

by Gretchen Stumhofer

As the 2014 polar vortex began to encroach on the rest of the US, the sun rose brightly over the idyllic UCLA campus. No doubt it was with great premonition that our friends at UCLA chose this beautiful and sunny November weekend to throw their annual triathlon festival! And to make this already awesome event better, a draft legal race was added to the mix. Now typically I’m not one to volunteer to race draft legal, but IronBruin is a special case. The hilly and technical bike course adds a unique twist to what you would usually expect of the draft legal format and fortunately for me, this plays in my favor. To add even more motivation to compete in the draft legal race is the opportunity to help promote triathlon as an emerging NCAA women’s sport. The UCLA team did a fantastic job of showing that such events are possible on college campuses. Read more »