May 21st, 2012
How To Update Content

To add stuff to the site, sign into the dashboard- most of our content is filed under “Links” and “Posts”.

In general, we want to avoid having to upload new files to the site. So when adding images or other media, see if it’s possible to find the URL elsewhere on the web (right click the image and “Copy Image URL”), and add images that way.

Links and Pages


Sponsors (and a link to their site) are automatically read from the links that are filed under “Sponsors”- when you add the link, also make sure to find a link to an image of the sponsor logo, and paste that image link under “Advanced” -> “Image Address”.

race links and race pages

The links under “race” come from all the links that are categorized as “Races”. Coveskipper and Tritonman link back to race pages on our site.

Race pages use a “parent” page that add a mosaic and the links (that go on the left)- each child page uses the same mosaic/links, but has its own content. If you want to add a new page, you just create a page, assign it the correct parent, then give it a “Race” template. When you assign that template, you’ll also see a new box pop up, called “race folder/css class”, so you can assign the correct pictures (for the mosaic) and colors.


race reports/news

Race reports and other articles are posts filed under the category “News”. When writing a race report, it’s nice to include images (you can upload directly, or just insert the image by URL from Facebook, etc.). To get the article to flow around the image, make sure to select “float left” or “float right”. Don’t worry about setting the image size- if the image is too big, it will automatically be shrunk to something¬†manageable. You can also add a caption.

Important: to make the article have an excerpt (for the front page and the “news” link), insert the “More” tag after the first paragraph/image of your article.

To organize/pretty-ify your post, you can use:

  • Numbered/bulleted lists
  • Headings (h1, h2, h3, h4 and h5 will all look different, from biggest to smallest)- use the drop down menu in “the kitchen sink” of the post editor
  • Block quotes (big quotes set off from the rest of the text, see here for an example of what that looks like)
  • Race results: needs a table (there is a menu item for inserting tables, or you can copy and paste from a Google Spreadsheet) uses the results shortcode e.g.
[results title="Draft-Legal (2/23)" float="right"]
William Jones
Daniel Heineck
Jeffrey Dahlen
Gina Horath
Megan Cross



Photo albums are really simple posts, consisting of only the following things:

Single album for race:
  • “By (photographer(s)”
  • Single image from a photo album
  • “Link to Images” (link to album online)
Multiple albums for race:
  • Single image from one of the albums
  • albumlist shortcode: e.g.
  <a href="">Day 1 (by Photographer 1)</a>
  <a href=""> Day 1 (by Photographer 2)</a>
  <a href=""> Day 2 (by Photographer 1)</a>


We recommend hosting your albums on Facebook or Google Plus, which both make uploading pretty easy. Alternatively, you can email the team webmaster and get access to a Dropbox folder- put the photos there, and we can put them on one of our team pages.

for facebook

  • upload the album to your page
  • scroll to the bottom of the album, and copy the “public link”- this is the album link to use

for google plus

  • upload the album to your page
  • set the album as visible to the public, then copy the link to that album post


¬†The FAQs are posts categorized under “Info”- you can edit old FAQs by going to the appropriate post, or add a new one (just make sure to add the category “Info”).

Sales pages

Items for sale to the team/to the public (uniforms, energy bars, and the like) can be organized in posts categorized under “Sales”. Each item for sale in the post needs:
  • Item name
  • Item description
  • Item photo (float right, use small image that links to larger version)
  • Item price
  • wp_cart_button shortcode, e.g.
[[wp_cart_button name="Uniform top" price="45.00" var1="Size|small|medium|large" ]]
Note on all posts:

Everything on the site is sorted by date, so you can manually adjust that date if you want news and photos to come up in a particular order