January 20th, 2010
Race FAQ

How to register for a race:

1. Go to the race website: historically, we have gone to an early February race at UC Irvine (the Zot Trot), an early-March race at UCLA (the Ironbruin), and the WCCTC championships hosted by Cal Poly SLO (the March Triathlon Series), so search for these if you don’t have a link!
2. Click on “REGISTER” –  this will most likely take you to active.com or eventbrite.com.
3. Select the “Collegiate” race
4. You will need your USAT number and a credit card number. (If prompted for a WCCTC number, this is just your USAT number).

Race Travel:

  • We leave the day before a race unless its very far away (more than 4 hours of driving)
  • The Travel Coordinators will send out emails 7-10 days before the race asking who can drive and if we can stay at your house.
  • If you have a car and can drive, we need you, otherwise not everyone will get there.
  • In order to increase the incentive to drive, we will be paying drivers to cover wear and tear on cars. We will pay 10 cents/mi. (For example: if you drive to and from UC Irvine it’s 70mi each way according to google = 140mi roundtrip plus 20mi while you’re there. That’s $16)
  • You’re responsible for collecting gas money from the people in your car

Race Lodging:

  1. We either stay with family (we love to meet your families and invade your houses). If your parents are cool to let us bring our sleeping bags and camp out in your living room, that’d be great.
  2. Cheap hotels. In this case, the team might ask you to split the cost of the room with your teammates.
  3. For some races, we’ll stay at a nearby campsite
  4. Nationals is the only race we stay in hotels paid for by the team.

Racing FAQ:

How early do I need to register for a race?

In general the collegiate races do not sell out as quickly as most races, but we suggest registering early to guarantee a spot. Races like Wildflower, will have price increases as the race nears, but we will let you know when this occurs. Also, the team will only reimburse the cheapest entry option.

Do I need a USAT Membership?

No, but we recommend buying an annual membership for $50. Otherwise its $15/race for one-day membership and you run into problems like you can’t score points for the team, or compete in nationals with a one-day pass. Plus, you get a cool card/sticker and list of things to bring to every race. Info is available at usatriathlon.org

How do I get selected for Nationals?

In short, Nationals team selection is up to our coaches and captains. Their decisions are based on race performance, practice attendance, team commitment, and overall attitude. This means you can’t show up at the conference championships after not being a part of the team all year and expect to race nationals. However, it also means you can’t just be at all practices early every day and volunteer everywhere and go just based on that, either.

It’s normally fairly clear who has earned the privilege to go, but if there are equally qualified candidates then the final decision is up to the coaches.

What do I need to bring to the race?

There is a long list, and we highly recommend packing your race bag the night before.


  • UCSD race kit
  • Helmet
  • License / Photo ID
  • School  ID
  • USAT card/day pass
  • Running shoes
  • Bike shoes
  • Bike
  • Tools and tubes to change a flat
  • Race numbers
  • Race Belt
  • Timing Chip and Band
  • Body Glide
  • Wetsuit
  • Goggles (and spare goggles for the one teammate who will undoubtedly forget theirs)
  • Swim cap
  • Your inhaler or other necessary meds
  • Race food, drink, and salt/electrolyte tabs
  • Water bottles
  • Extra bar-end plugs (Race official can be really stubborn on this)
  • Post-race nutrition
  • Clean, dry post-race clothes & shoes

Extras (but they help):

  • Sunglasses
  • Running hat or visor
  • Speed laces
  • Socks (optional)
  • Transition bag
  • Warm race clothes, if necessary (vest, jacket, arm wamers, wetsuit cap)
  • Warmup clothes
  • Sunscreen
  • Transition zone towel
  • Floor pump
  • Electrical tape
  • Rubber bands
  • Towel for post-race
  • Garbage bag (for wet clothes)
  • Medical kit + RoadID

Also check out this great packing list.