January 29th, 2017

Tritonman (2017)

by Joana Coker and Barry Weickert



A race report about Tritonman is always bigger than just the race. Because this is my account of the race, I can only talk about the work I did and people I interacted with. And I don’t have space to mention even all of those. Although I’m going to miss many people’s contributions to this awesome event, thank you everyone for your hard work.

On Friday, the day before the race, I spent the afternoon with the registration crew at Moment Bicycles in Point Loma, helping to check racers in and distribute timing chips. I was also attempting to put new tires on my TT bike. With the rain pouring down Friday and a wind advisory in effect, aero wheels were sounding worse and worse for Saturday. I needed some new tires on my bike’s regular wheels if they were going to be ride-able for the race. Putting brand-new tires on a bike wheel is a test of patience and mental stability, and I was fast heading towards instability at Moment. I had given up on the back wheel – after getting the tire on but producing a pinch flat in the process – and was struggling with the front when a Good Samaritan offered to help. He got the front tire on successfully, and then introduced himself as the coach of WeTri, a triathlon team for teenagers. They had come all the way from Sacramento for this race, a testament to how much Tritonman has grown and become respected in the tri community. Read more »

November 16th, 2016

Bike Camp Recap

by Barry Weickert and Nailea Regin



I check the packing list once again making sure I have everything I need for the trip, all I know is that I am going to the desert and I’m about to have the best time of my life (according to anyone and everyone who has ever gone to UCSD triathlon bike camp before). Everything is good to go, my driver is on his way and I’m about to find out what it means to be cyclist… whatever that is. Read more »

November 1st, 2016

Coveskipper 2016 Race Reports

by Beril Polat & Zack Goodman



As a new team member who has never done a multi-sport race before, Coveskipper was my very first official aquathlon! I had to use a (!) mark because I never thought I would get into a multisport race so it was a big deal for me. I see Coveskipper as my initiation to the triathlon madness. So YAAAYYY!! I also need to give a shout out to Zack Goodman (who is also a new member in the team) for his persistent push on making me come to practices. If it wasn’t for him, I probably wouldn’t try to get into this madness or be aware of all the meetings and events.

Up to the race day, I had been practicing with the UCSD triathlon team which is an awesome group of people (including our coach Kim McDonald). Those practices helped me understand the feeling from water to ground transition which was a part of the Coveskipper aquathlon. I wasn’t quite sure if I wanted to race at first because I guess I didn’t want to embarrass myself (which is not a healthy thinking so I highly suggest you to NOT do that). I also had no strategy in mind for this kind of race. However, three days before the race, I changed my mind. UCSD triathlon club was hosting the race so we all had to help set up the race. I think I was also more about getting to know the team rather than trying to finish with a fast time. Read more »

October 31st, 2016

Davis Aggieathlon

by Justin Runac and Tyler Bailey


Justin Runac:

I took the early lead in the WCCTC a couple of weeks ago and the swim at Aggieathlon was short, I decided I had to keep getting points for myself and the team early in the season

I was a little concerned about racing so many weekends in a row since I’ve been doing cross country running along with triathlon this fall, but since I took the early lead in the WCCTC a couple of weeks ago and the swim at Aggieathlon was short, I decided I had to keep getting points for myself and the team early in the season while they were easy to come by. I didn’t have any good races last season due to fluke circumstances, so I am trying to race as much as I can in my last year at school to help forget about last season. Read more »

October 12th, 2016

Berkeley Bearathlon

by Katie Hosch and Torin Halsted

Katie Hosch:

NCAA Regional Qualifier

We left on Friday around 11am from San Diego and started our 8-9-hour drive to Berkeley. This was the first time I had ever been to the Bay, and it was beautiful. After our drive up we picked up our packets and went to eat at this delicious Mediterranean restaurant.

I had a placard with my name on it, making this race super official. It was the Regional Qualifier for NCAA Women’s Nationals after-all.

On Saturday morning, we left towards the race site before 6am, and arrived at the Berkeley marina ready to start the race morning process. After getting some warm-up on my bike, I put it in transition, which I had a placard with my name on it, making this race super official. It was the Regional Qualifier for NCAA Women’s Nationals after-all.Once I set up my transition, I went for a short run and made my way over to the swim start for our pre-race briefing. Read more »

March 2nd, 2016

Tritonman Classic (2016)

Tritonman Classic Race Report 1

by Kent Kubo


3:30am, my alarm goes off, and I’m starting the day early by brushing my teeth. This year, Tritonman is a bit different for me since I am the sponsorship coordinator as well a competitor…By 3:50am I’m out the door and on my way down to Fiesta Island. 4:15am rolls around and the team is off to setting up for Tritonman Day 2. The second day is easier to set up since we all know exactly where things go, it’s just a matter if we can take on 500+ athletes at once. I finish setting up the aid tables (shout out to Dave for the Justin Bieber theme), and then head off over to the transition area so set up my bike. Read more »

March 2nd, 2016

UCI Zot Trot (2016)

UCI Zot Trot (race report 2)

by Jason Pianalto

For a sprint tri, UCI is a pretty tough course. The swim is in a pool (yay!) and only 450 yards (double yay!), but they usually send athletes into the pool at 5 second intervals. This, along with the fact that their pool is tiny, uses 25 yards instead of 50, and requires athletes to swim up and down one lane before snaking to the next, means that it’s less like being in a pool and more like being in a blender (boo!) The bike course is four laps in the shape of a bowl – if you aren’t going down into the bowl, you’re climbing out of it. It has two iffy downhill corners and one absolutely terrifying downhill corner. The run is similar to the bike – if you aren’t going uphill, you are going downhill. It finishes with a fast 800m downhill sprint on dirt. Read more »

February 17th, 2016

UCI Zot Trot (2016)

UCI Zot Trot (race report 1)

by Marcel Aguiar

At the very start of 2015 I was SO excited for the season. My swimming was solid, Tuesday morning Swamis rides had me at the fastest ever on the bike, and I PR’d my mile run by a ridiculous half-minute. How could I not be excited for Zot Trot? But as fortune would have it, I had to change my Zot Trot registration to a relay at the end of January. Upper foot pain during runs started in early January, and a month later it wasn’t any better. What seemed like would require a few weeks of rest turned into a month, into 3 months, and eventually the whole season and school year went by and I was still having on and off pain. Read more »

May 6th, 2015

Wildflower Olympic Distance

Wildflower (Olympic) Race Report

by Melissa Le Roux


Wildflower is the team’s last major race of the season, but it happened to be my first Olympic distance triathlon. The week before the race I was completely torn whether or not to compete. On the one hand, it was my last chance this season to race with the team, but on the other hand, I had only been back to light training for a month after being on crutches for 6 weeks! I was very nervous that I would not be able to finish, but after going back and forth on the decision, Coach Kim convinced me two days prior to the race that I would be fine. Read more »

May 6th, 2015

When nostalgia and rookie mistakes collide

Wildflower (Long Course) Race Report

by Kerri Seger


Third WF long course. Fifth half ironman distance. I should have this thing down pat by now, right? Riiiiight. On Friday morning Yuann and Chris picked me up, and after looping around a tractor-trailor turned inside out on the highway, we grabbed Boone Horse from his parents’ place and got to Lake San Antonio relatively early. TriBike Transport wasn’t too hard to find, and I was off to set up transition. Here I was thinking that leaving my bag half-packed from Nationals would prevent forgetting things. Important things. Like pedals. Nope. A quick sprint up the stairs later to find a vendor selling Speedplay 5s returned no luck. As chance would have it, though, the guys at Dimond Bikes are friends with someone I swam with in high school. They lent me one of the sets off their personal bikes – the same pedals Brian used when he forgot his at an IM! #smallworld #swimmerproblems Spoiler alert: not all Speedplays are created equal. Read more »