2009 results posted (w/ splits)

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Please click here to see a map of the course.               

The water will cold, so wear a wetsuit. If you don't have one, you may rent one from wetsuitrental.com. The swim will be started in waves and is 500 meters.

All USAT rules will apply.
No recumbent bikes allowed!

The route is 12 miles and will consist of 3 big counter clockwise laps of Fiesta Island. The course is very flat but tends to have a headwind on one side and a tailwind on the other.

Don't pick up your bike until you strap your helmet. Don't draft. It will be easy to draft as more riders enter the course. Big brother is watching you! Don't block. Stay to the right except to pass. Fall back once you are passed as it is the passed rider’s responsibility to fall back.

The run is 5 km and starts at the transition area and follows along the outer perimeter of the island to a turn around point.

Please click here to see a map of the course.  






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