The UC San Diego Triathlon Team will host its 7th annual Tritonman at the site of¬†history’s first modern triathlon. Way back in 1974, the San Diego Track Club put on the Mission Bay Triathlon (consisting of a run-bike-swim-run) right here on Fiesta Island. UCSD is proud to continue that legacy today with our Tritonman: a 750m swim, 20K bike, and 5K run.

We offer one of the only open-water swims before the conference championships on the WCCTC circuit, and we’ve got the flattest, fastest bike course around. We feature collegiate athletes from Arizona and the California coast, as well as local racers from San Diego, recently ranked by as the #1 city in the country for the sport of triathlon.

Our schedule

This year Tritonman is a 2-day event! You can sign up for one or both races, but make sure to do it early!
Saturday, Feb 23, 7 AM: Tritonman Draft-legal Triathlon, half-Olympic distance (capped at 75 men, 75 women)
Sunday, Feb 24th, 7 AM: Tritonman Classic (traditional rules), half-Olympic distance

draft-legal racing

With USAT Collegiate Nationals making a push to add draft-legal events, we want to give our competitors a chance to try that format before April. Tritonman is opening, for the first time, a select number of spots for a draft-legal race, the day before the main event. Collegiate and open triathletes are invited to come and experience the excitement of ITU-styled racing, where finishes come down to a sprint, and mere seconds separate first place from tenth.

If you’re interested in trying out draft-legal racing, read up on it in our race FAQ.

out of the mud

We’ve done this race before, so we know that things can get a little messy down in transition. Fiesta Island offers a fantastic venue for going fast, but not much in the way of suitable transition areas. So this year, we’re changing things up- the course will still offer you your best chance of the year to try and average 24+, but the race will start, finish, and transition over in a nearby park. On grass. Nice. (See our course map for more details.)


Triathletes come from a lot of different backgrounds, but we’re united in our desire to work hard and improve. We’d like to think that extends to our events, too. Our race is entirely run by student volunteers, from registration to organization and timing- besides the equipment rental, permits, and lifeguards, every dollar we collect in race fees goes to support our team. UCSD Triathlon has grown a lot in recent years, and we’d love to continue bringing new faces to the sport, even in the face of continued university cutbacks.

We want to make our event better and smoother every year. This year, that means better prizes, more coverage of our race, revamped registration, and same-day release of times. We want your race-day experience to be fantastic: if you’ve got concerns or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Throughout the past 4 years the UCSD Triathlon team made a commitment to host the most sustainable triathlon possible. As student-athletes, we aim to shape a greener, healthier tomorrow by leading the way to more sustainable athletics and events. We hope to use our position as athletes and role models to make a positive social and environmental impact by choosing sustainability as a priority in each decision we make leading up to Tritonman.