We’re proud to host the first collegiate-run draft-legal race in the nation. We know most of our racers are extremely new to this style of racing, and we want to make sure that we keep everyone safe. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email us.

In general, we will strive to follow USAT Junior Elite Series rules for this race: please read over the USAT Athlete Guidelines (pdf) before coming to our race

who can enter

    • We’re asking that each collegiate team sign up no more than 5 men/5 women in our draft-legal race. We want all teams to have a chance to score points in the WCCTC omnium, so we will keep a few spots in reserve until Feb 1st to make sure all teams can enter. After February 1st, the 5 men/5 women limit will be lifted and collegiate teams can register as many races as they’d like.
    • The field will be highly competitive- Check out the competition at the bottom of the page. We’d expect anyone to enter to have extensive triathlon and group-riding experience

required equipment

      • Aero helmets are not permitted.
      • Torso must be covered from race start to finish. Either a trisuit or tri-top + bottom are allowed
      • Bicycle must have a traditional triangular frame; wheels must have at least 12 spokes and should be of equal dimensions; handlebars must be traditional drop-style with bar-ends plugged; clip-on aerobars may not extend beyond the brake levers’ foremost line and must be bridged; no bar-end gear shifters allowed; elbow pads are allowed

race rules

      • The pre-race briefing (at 6:00AM on Saturday, Feb 21st) is mandatory
      • Athletes must move forward after the start signal
      • Blocking or interfering with the forward progress of another competitor is not allowed.
      • Helmet chin-strap MUST be buckled at all times when touching the bike
      • Athletes overtaken (lapped) by the race leader on the bike course will be disqualified
      • Unsportsmanlike conduct, including inappropriate language directed at fellow competitors, volunteers, or officials, may result in disqualification

Schedule of events

6:00 AM Registration closes; pre-race briefing
6:15 AM Water opens for 1st wave warm-up
6:40 AM Transition closes
6:50 AM First wave (men’s wave) start
7:25 AM Water reopens for 2nd wave warm-up
8:05 AM Second wave (women’s wave) start
9:30 AM Awards

2015 Entrants (Updated 2/18/2015)

* denotes Elite card holder


*Broderick Jessica
Cano Jennifer
Clevenger Erica
*Cook Summer
Currenti Sydney
Curry Kristen
Dearden Savannah
Gibler Hayley
Gomez Gabi
*Hafey Jessica
Haley Laura
*Hauser Julia
Higgins Molly
Hood Nicole
*Horath Gina
Hosch Katelyn
*Jerdonek Lindsey
Kilgroe Kim
*Kosmo Kelly
Kudej Anna
LaJeunesse Katarina
Lewis Lauren
Light Allison
Nunez-Smith Andrea
Oliver Brittany
Peirtsegaele Nikki
Quijada Jennifer
*Reid Aileen
Roth Lydia
Schulman Jennifer
Scott Kobee
Shain Kendall
*Spivey Taylor
Stiewig Jordan
*Stimpson Jodie
Stumhofer Gretchen
Supple Molly
Swarovski Michelle
Tang Lydia
Tomasek Jessica
Vides Jocelyn
Wade Olivia
Walker Esther
Zhang Heather
Zhang Leslie
Abreu Andre
Altura Marc
Arishita Michael
Baer Dmitry
Bartle Vincent
*Bernal Nick
Bierman Max
Birchall Josh
*Bridges-Oliva Dylan
Byrne Michael
Carson Matt
Charara Mohammad
Ciborski Aaron
Clack Kevin
Collins Wyatt
*Cowan Brooks
*Dahlen Jeffrey
Daugherty Sean
Deckard Robbie
Esparza Kendall
Fowler Joshua
Gabriel Cuyler
Gippetti James
*Good Cameron
Harper Greg
Harrington Sean
Hildenbrand Chase
Holland Willay
Hollinger Dillon
*Jefferson Sean
*Jones William
Jones Clinton
Khoo Benjamin
Kim Travis
Kolding Mark
Kroeppler David
*Lagerstrom Eric
Logue David
*Maloy Joe
Mcelroy Matt
Meloche Grant
Mendoza Justin
Mering John
Morse Ryan
*Murphy Conor
*O’Bryan Brady
*O’Neill John
Pearson Daniel
*Quinchara Forero Carlos Javier
Rappaport Ian
Reisenauer Colin
*Rodgers Joel-Tyler
Romanenko Alexander
Roos Thomas
Roth Dennis
Schroeder Christopher
Showa Jeremie
Smith Grant
Solache Nishizaki Oscar
Sorensen Dyla
St. Marie Jack
Suarez Sean
Takacsi-Nagy Lauri
Tomasek Jared
Totten Seth
*Tripp Mark
Waltman Jonathan
Watkins David
Wesson Porter
Wilimovsky Alec
Winslow Timothy
Wirski Nicholas