Throughout the past 6 years, the UCSD Triathlon team has made a commitment to host the most sustainable triathlon possible. As student-athletes, we aim to shape a greener, healthier tomorrow by leading the way to more sustainable athletics and events.

No matter how you look at it, the typical triathlon creates a lot of waste and pollution. Bib numbers, bike labels, aid station cups and food wrappers are all thrown away. Extra food and water is often poured out or tossed out if no one wants to take it. Even the travel emissions to non-local races add yet another layer of environmental considerations. We commit to you to decrease our waste and pollution and uphold the spirit of sustainable triathlon.


UCSD Triathlon is committed to running environmentally sustainable events

To that end, we are reducing our waste in all ways feasible, including recycling and composting at the race site, reducing the amount of paper used, and advertising with 100% recycled paper. We are attempting to use cleaner sources of energy, such as hybrid cars and a biofuel generator. We are focusing on the local community by procuring locally-grown organic food for the race, giving out locally-produced participant prizes, and soliciting feedback from the community on how to improve our race. And most of all, we are asking for all our participants’ help in making Tritonman as environmentally-conscious as possible. A race like this needs the enthusiasm and support of all its racers to become a sustainability success.

Here’s what YOU can do to help:

  • Place your waste in the appropriate container on race day — compost, recycling, or landfill.
  • Carpool or use public transportation to the race site. (For public transportation, go to the SDMTS site- go to the “Maps and Timetables” menu at the top of the page and click on “Bus Schedules”. Route 30 offers service from La Jolla and downtown San Diego to within 0.5 miles of the transition area. Get off at Stop E, Grand Ave. and Mission Bay Dr. and head south into Mission Bay Park. The transition area will be very obvious on your right.)
  • Only take what you think you will use. For example, don’t take a flier or a participant prize if you know it will just end up in the trash.
  • Hang around our expo area and talk to the sponsors and nonprofits. Most of them have a highly sustainable mission and are more than happy to tell you about it.
  • Listen to the talks by San Diego Coastkeeper about Mission Bay water quality and what YOU can do to improve it, especially if you are a local resident.
  • Use the satisfaction survey in our post-race email to tell us anything we can do to improve the running, sustainability, and atmosphere of Tritonman, especially if it will get you coming back next year!